Bethel's Rock Cuba Network

Bethel’s Rock has embraced the mission of helping to grow and equip the churches of Cuba. In 2015, our relationship with the Cuban churches began through our connection to Pastor Darvis Gonzalez, who felt the call to plant and oversee 10 new churches in an unreached part of Cuba. Bethel's Rock joyfully partnered with him by providing funds for new buildings and by paying the salaries of new pastors.

In 2017, Pastor Gonzalez was added to the staff of Bethel’s Rock. In addition, the network of the 10 Cuban church plants officially took on the name Bethel's Rock.

Pastor Darvis & Marienela

Encrucijada, Cuba

Pastor Jorge & Alathiel

Calabazar, Cuba

Pastor Eduardo & Mariela

Cifuente, Cuba

Pastor Wilber & Idelaida

Diana, Cuba


Pastor Julio & Dailenis

Mariana, Cuba

Pastor Yuri & Yamila

Mata, Cuba

Pastor Vladamir & Yamilet

El Purio, Cuba

Pastor Ramon & Lisandra

La Rosita, Cuba


Pastor Lesniel & Yunisleidis

El Santo, Cuba

Pastor Maximo & Amauris

La Sierra, Cuba