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Current Series: Rest

Series: Get Over It!

Series: Eyewitness

Sermon: Father’s Day Panel

Sermon: Guest Speaker Mark Dean

Series: Thrive Like David

Easter 2019

Series: Rugged Life

Series: Thrive Through Honor

Series: Thrive Through The Tongue

2019 Theme Series: Thrive

Series: RE-Solve

Pastor Steve Johnson

Series: The “B”s of Bethel’s Rock

Series: Who Is This Guy?

Missions Sunday - Dr. John Easter

Sermon: Guest Speaker - Doug Graham

Sermon: At The Movies

Series: Super-Sized Faith

Sermon: God’s Love, The Law, and Grace

- Pastor Olivier Di Senard

Stand-alone Sermon - Who Do You Run To?

Don't Let the 'Ds' Get You Down - Pastor Louis Walton

Stand-alone Sermon - Jesus Stood Out

Series: Worship - Love Expressed

2018 Sermon Archive


2017 Sermon Archive

Guest Speaker: Anissa Godfrey

What Good Is Christmas?

New Seasons

Missions Sunday: Kurt Wolfe

Guest Speaker: Kevin Ramsby

Real Prayer

Tic Toc

Your Turn

Steven Uggen

Fishers of People

Listen Up

Relationship Matrix

Jeff Grenell

Heather Biffert - Mother's Day 2017

Good News

Chuck Apple


Recapture the Dream

We are a Movement - 2017 Theme

Superheroes - Nehemiah

Paul Hurckman

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