Sermon Archive: 2012-2013

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Series: Learn to Give

Series: The Value of Words

Mother's Day 2012 - Heather Biffert

Series: In Jesus' Name

Series: Discovering the Supernatural

Sermon: The Voice - Pastor Paul Risdall

Series: The X-Factor

Guest Speaker: Bob Sorge

Missions Convention: Greg Roane

Series: Silent Night, No Really

Guest Speaker: Scott VanderWerf

Series: Only Believe

Series: 10 Financial Commandments

Easter 2013

Pastor Paul Risdall - Practical Grace

Guest Speaker: Pastor Dan Miller

Guest Speaker: Dean Niforatos

Series: Destiny

Father's Day 2013

Series: City on a Hill - Pastor Paul Risdall

Sermon: Comparison

Series: The Blessed Life

Series: Fire (The Holy Spirit)

Christmas 2013