Sermon Archive: 2016

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Sermon: Prayer and Fasting

Recalled - 2016 Theme Series

Series: Blessed Life

Guest Speaker: Dr. Doug Graham

He Really Did - Easter 2016

Series: The Web of Comparison

Series: What's A Word Worth?

Mother's Day 2016

Guest Speaker: Jeff Grennel

Series: What Are You Worried About?

Guest Speaker: Pastor Larry Freitag - Father's Day

Series: Pray!

Guest Speaker: Dr. David Nichols

Series: Neighbors

Guest Speaker: David Millsaps

Guest Speaker: Paul Risdall

Series: Hello God!

Guest Speaker: Pastor Dan Miller

Series: Runaway

Series: It Relates

Missions Weekend - Sam Johnson

Series: Generous Generation

Sermon: Fish Aquariums and Bird Cages

Christmas 2016