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ShelbyNext Giving

  • Online giving
  • Recurring gifts

Information and Guides

+ Account Setup - ShelbyNext Giving

  • Access ShelbyNext Giving here
  • On the left-hand side choose the 'First Time' tab
  • Fill in the requested fields
  • Choose 'Submit'

+ Account Setup - ShelbyNext Membership

  • Access ShelbyNext Membership here
  • Choose 'Forgot Password'
  • Enter your email address in the 'Username or Email' field and choose 'Send Password'
  • Use the emailed password to log in
  • You must have an email address on record with the church to have access to ShelbyNext Membership

+ Church Directory

  • Access the church directory here
  • Security: Only the B-Rock congregation can log into the directory
  • Privacy: Personal information is withheld
  • To opt out of participating in the church directory click here

+ Recurring Gifts

  • Access ShelbyNext Giving here and log in
  • Choose "Scheduled Giving”
  • Choose which fund you would like to donate to from the drop down list
  • Enter your donation amount
  • Choose the frequency, number of installment and start date
  • Add your card information and billing details
  • Choose “Activate Schedule” to start your recurring donation schedule

+ Giving Statements

  • Access ShelbyNext Membership here
  • Choose "Giving"
  • Choose the gear symbol
  • Choose "Filter"
  • Set Tax Deductible filter and report start and end dates
  • Choose "Submit"
  • Choose the gear symbol
  • Choose "Print"
  • Choose "Go"
  • Your giving statement will download as a pdf document

+ Pledges and Faith Promises

  • View amounts and dates for pledges and faith promises
  • Access ShelbyNext Membership here
  • Choose the "Giving" tab
  • Your pledge amount, frequency, and amount given toward the pledge to date are displayed